The complete guide to optimizing SEO Article!

14 Mar
The complete guide to optimizing SEO Article!

The complete guide to optimizing SEO Article!

As we all know, the sole objective of every content writer is to see the link to their website on the top of search engine. Imagine a situation where, you are exceptionally good at writing articles but there’s no one to even read it, this situation is just like a pen without ink. Needless to say that, everyone writes the articles, blogs or any kind of content to get appraisal and recognition for their work, otherwise, they wouldn’t dive into the world of the internet to allow people to read their content.

One might wonder how some articles are able to fetch thousands of visitors in a day even when their content has the same level as that of any other article. So, my friend, it’s not that your content is any less amusing than that of a few high traffic articles; it’s just that their article is search engine optimized and yours is not. Hence, the articles which are currently on the top of the search engine are Search Engine Optimized or SEO article.

Writing an SEO article is not a piece of cake. It takes off a lot of research and efforts. Needless to say, to get an impressive traffic on your site, you need to do some hard work. Now, the question arises, how to write SEO articles? Let’s find out how it would be handy for you to optimize your articles, illustrated briefly in a few points.

The complete guide to optimizing SEO Article!

Choose the topic wisely

You cannot just choose any random subject to write about. Write about something people care about. You must always seek to deliver something valuable to your readers. Write about something that you know the best. As no one knows your business better than you do. Go for something unique and never copy content.

Thorough research of Keywords

It is the paramount stage for a writer or a blogger to write SEO friendly articles. For that, firstly, you must know your competitors. Check your competitors’ website minutely and look for the keywords that fetch more traffic. Use those keywords and make sure you use some keywords which were not used on their page. This clearly makes your content better than theirs. Make a list of keywords and fit them in your article judiciously. You can use SEMrush to keep a record of the keywords you add to your content.

Title and meta description

You win 50% of the race if you manage to write a quirky title. So, thrive to form a remarkable title for your article, at the same time, using keywords in it. Remember, there’s a limit of characters for the title. Make sure you do not cross that while writing it. In the meta description tag, you are required to write a short, appealing description of your content which appears in the results of search engine.

Make it sufficiently long

You can write an article of high quality and less quantity, but, research shows that articles with more number of words are preferred by the search engine. So, it is advised that if you can stretch it long enough to about 600 words or more, you will see better results.

The header tag and URL Length

Search engine pays heed to the keywords placed in the header tag. So, try to fit the keywords in the header tag for efficient results. Avoid long and clumsy URLs for your SEO article. The search engine tends to pick up the URLs which have proper keywords. So, you must choose the URL sensibly. Try to keep it as short as you possibly can.

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Update and edit your content regularly:

If you think that your article needs some editing then feel free to do so. Keep updating new ideas and changes in your SEO article to keep your website traffic intact. Google prefer fresh content so make sure you keep up adding new information or making changes in the existing one.

To summarize, by consistently updating the content on your site keeps the potential viewers stay glued to it. You cannot just put some random content on your page and expecting people approaching it. Always remember, each and every word you use in your article or blog is a gem to stay in the sea of web forever. So, choose the words in your content wisely to obtain fast and effective results.


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