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26 Sep

Current designing experiences are involved mainly ‘doing’ – by practicing to still learn styles that each person will respond better to. I essentially sat down with the software to create things until I got better. Whenever I felt needed to learn each time, I can’t figure out myself through trial and error.

So the research I do in Google search is the part of my self-teaching. These search engines tends to revolve around the technical things one has to learn when printing to learn a layout for design, one has to ensure that the layout specifically on illustrative learning, that is to study on the technical ability of other illustrators.

If I wanted to achieve the appearance of ‘glossy tips’ for any fashion character then I used to stare at the different works of the top Illustrator and learn from them how they achieve these sorts of effects. One should look at the creative Inspiration of other designers to avoid becoming stale.

There are three kinds of learners:

  • One who learns through seeing? They need to see the body language and also the facial expression of tutors. To learn the best from Visual learning aids such as diagrams tutorials with screen grabs will be perfect.
  • The person who learns through listening to a lecturer or mentor get verbalized on that topic. They love to hear and get struggling with the information in written form. For these kind of learners, tutorials are worth when it is auditory or visual podcasts.
  • There are another learners through reading things which is ideal. It is easy to learn quickly and better. This type of learner prefers hand on approach and it takes long period and may sometimes get distraction. I must say that tiring oneself is difficult task to sit for over a period of time. One has to decide on what sort to learn before starting into practice, no matter what type of learner you are. Just keep practicing and never stop practicing.

There are many reputable Institutions which offers certificate for the graphic design course, that is least expensive and can be finished in short period of time. There are online Graphic Design Courses that are good rather than Photoshop and Quark, but a real Graphic designing Aesthetics Course. Web design course with Open University are available.

For self learners on graphic design, I would like to suggest:

  • Practice is the key to learning; one should practice with sample design Briefs.
  • One must learn Photoshop, Quark and Illustrator.
  • Finally concluding that, graphic designing is gathering details on a layout pad and not borrowing ideas from Google.

It is an appreciation of having a decent typeface, colour theory and understanding of layout.

Thrashing ideas to decide the clients needs, what is going to be the budget, what is going to stand out from the rest of the market and more importantly what will look best.

So go ahead with current Illustrator trends..Graphic Designs are about ideas, pure and simple. They don’t come in this freelance World..which means money and increase your cost and time if you go with the latest Software.


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