How to increase website traffic?

13 Mar
increase website traffic

Follow these steps to increase website traffic!

In this world where a staggering number of domain names get registered every day, if you want to out-shine, you need to come up with something unique. This might sound a bit cliché but it is the truth of the hour. It is very ironical that in real life everyone avoids traffic, and on the web server everyone craves for internet traffic. The existence of your website is ineffectual if it has no traffic. It is natural that you want people to read your content and the more the people read it, the more motivated you will be. So, there are many people working day and night to increase website traffic. Increasing website traffic is no joke in a fiercely competitive platform like this. One just needs to learn how to leverage some techniques to increase website traffic. In this article, we’ll discuss some skills of the same.

increase website traffic

  • The Skyscraper Technique

To get traffic to your website you need to be better than the best, just like to stand out in a city you need to have the tallest skyscraper. For this, you need to look out to the website of your niche with a massive audience. Examine its content and try to make your content even better than that. So the very first step is to know your competition and then to deliver a remarkable content to your website.

  •  Know your target audience and find influential people:

You need to understand what type of people you are aiming at so that they can link to the content you’ve written. You need to choose the topics to which your audience can relate to. When they relate to it, naturally they share it, leading to a decent increase in website traffic. Targeting the audience itself is not sufficient, you need to reach out to some influential people like famous bloggers, YouTubers etc so that they share your site with their followers. It is very much important that those influencers also relate to your content, only then they’ll share it.

  • Keyword analysis:

Use keywords with care. Identify the targeted list of keywords frequently searched by the users and use them on your site. Do a timely analysis of the website traffic, which is the key indicator of the progress for your keywords.

  • Search Engine Optimization:

You need to optimize your content so that it tops the search engine. For which, you can create a nice page title with keywords, use meta tags and write essential phrases on pages of your website. The title of the page matters the most. The title which contains proper keywords drives more visitors to the site as compared to another site with the ordinary title.

  • Generate links:

Once you’ve written a nice content, you want to drive traffic to your site. To outreach people, you need to work smartly. Even if you have got a good traffic, it doesn’t mean that it stays forever. Content gets outdated. For that, you need to update your site regularly so that your audience stays glued to it.

  • Maintain an email list:

It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but to increase website traffic, this is one good way. If you still don’t have an email list, make it and send out a mail to each person regularly. People take their emails very seriously. Even if they don’t share it, at least they’ll open up the link to take a look at it.

  • Post on social media:

Nowadays, every person next door has an account on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. Social media is the easiest and free platform for publicity of your website. You can just post an eye-catching caption with a picture and the link to the site on your social media handles.

  • Paid advertisements:

If you want to witness a big boost in your website traffic just invest some money. Pay for advertisements to be screened on social networking sites. Facebook and Instagram feature advertisements that attract a large audience, this is a nice way to spread out your content.

These were some techniques which can assist to increase website traffic immensely. One needs to focus on each of these to optimize the number of per day visitors to their website. One cannot just sit and wait for a magic to happen after making a website. It totally depends on the individual that how he/she or his/her team is working on driving their website to top the search engine, amidst immense competition.

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