Illustrate some On page SEO activities.

15 Mar
Illustrate some on-page SEO activities.

It is needless to say, billions of people are racing each day for bringing their website to the top of Google search engine. When we, as the end users, surf the internet, we tend to click on the first five search results more often. So, it is very significant for the success of a website to be visible on the top of the search engine through the On page SEO activities.

Surprisingly, it has become difficult for even Google to select which content is worthy of putting at the top. Now the question arises, how does Google or any other search engine decide which site to show on the crown position? As expected, Google has come up with an algorithm with some stringent rules to decide which content is more relevant. Now, it is the writer’s business to make his/her article or blog Search Engine Optimized(SEO). There are many on-page and off-page activities which can be used to make one’s website Search Engine Optimized.

Illustrate some on-page SEO activities.

On-page SEO is an optimization technique for website pages to be able to rank higher and earn more traffic. This can be achieved by updating elements such as coding, text, images etc. On-page SEO is basically attained through the written content of the website.

In this article, we’ll discuss some On Page SEO Activities which will be quite helpful to drive traffic to your website-

The content on your page 

A website with substandard content will not get traffic even if it contains SEO. So, the first agenda must be to write flawless content on your website. For the content to be excellent, you must work on factors like originality, usefulness, text on the website etc.

  • Try to write eccentric content, don’t ever try to copy. Write something about which people really care about, don’t pick up and start writing on any random topic.
  • Conduct a fine research on the topic you select and always keep in mind that websites with more volume of content do well.
  • Do not forget to put text description on the videos and images of your website.
  • Website traffic will get fled away if you don’t publish fresh content frequently.

Page title

The first impression is the last impression, cliché phrase but goes well with the page title of any website. Your page title is the first to catch sight of the reader, so it must be attractive and unique. It must contain keywords as it informs the search engine that the page is about what.


For On page SEO activities, make sure you add keywords in the title, in the summary part, and in the description part. Try to increase keyword frequency as much as you can, but do not make it monotonous for the reader.

The formatting of the page

The page must be properly formatted with required spaces so that it’s readable. Important parts of the content must be in bold, italics and underlined. You must choose the font style, font size, font colors, background colors etc very judiciously so that it pleases the reader. Make use of ordered and unordered lists, if the content requires it.

Visual content

Try to incorporate visual content like images and videos. Images and videos are very useful for presentation, but they must not increase the load time of the page. Put description about the image in the ALT tag, this helps the search engine to know what the image is about. Optimize the dimension of the image carefully.


The URL of the page must not be too long. To optimize search engine, you can use the keyword in the URL of the page. Make use of external links to some other blog or website, it regulates On page SEO. If the content on your website is a bit long, you can make use of internal links to jump onto the topics.

So, these were some details about few On page SEO activities, which when accomplished, can do wonders in urging the audience to visit your website. The On page SEO activities play a fundamental role in the outcome of the website. It all depends upon the way a person expresses while writing the content on the website, how well-organized the website is. Therefore, just switch on the creative part of your brain and write.

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