Why content is king in SEO ?

19 May

A very well-known saying among SEO-experts states: “ Content is king ”. But a person may wonder that is content really the king, or if yes, then how. You may be confused that how the simple content of a website can be highly significant for getting success in one’s business. But here, in this article, we are going to clear all your doubts regarding the fact that is content the king in real or not, and if yes, then how.

Content is always believed to be the ‘life’ of a website. This is because, the essence and the value of a website lies in its content as it is only through the content, that a viewer gets to judge a website.

Before dealing with any company, a person first visits its website and scrolls down its content to judge that whether the company is up to the mark to cater according to his expectations or not. In order to attract more customers, the content must be able to force people to stop and analyze the website and its purpose amidst their scrolling.

Content Is King In SEO

As it said that the first impression is the last impression, the same is the case here. The content serves as a device for leaving the right impression on a person regarding a company. No matter how well services a company provides but if the content of its website is not good enough, then its impression on people will always remain dull. So, a good content is a must for every company.

These days, optimizing the website by adding attractive and appropriate content has become one of the most efficient, effective, popular and the easiest way of increasing the business. In order to prosper in one’s business, one has to make sure that the website of his company is well – optimized with content which is able enough to attract more and more people.

In order to do justice with the statement: “ Content is king ”, one needs to keep in mind two mainly important points. Following are the two points, the consideration of which is required to turn the content of one’s website into the king of the company and its business :

SEO-Friendly Content

These days, the term ‘SEO’ or ‘Search Engine Optimization’ has become the trend of the digital marketing world. In order to prosper in the market, a company needs to have its company’s content designed in an SEO-Friendly manner. SEO-Friendly Content is required to attract traffic on the website.

You may be wondering that how SEO works, then let me clear your doubt. For example, if a company sells unique and authentic herbal teas of different kinds and its website is having blog posts on the uniqueness of its company’s herbal teas, then it may not be able to attract more traffic on the website. Suppose, if a customer is looking for herbal tea, then he is more likely to type keywords like ‘herbal tea’, ‘benefits of herbal tea’ etc. in the search engine.

The chances are very less that a customer would be typing the keyword ‘unique herbal tea’ in the search engine. So, the company’s content should be designed accordingly.  For making the content SEO-Friendly, proper research should be done and after that, the content should be written in the language which people usually use to type in the search engine while searching. Only then a content can be called SEO-Friendly.

Customer-Friendly Content

The content of a website has only one motto and, that is, to attract more customers for the company. So, the content of a company needs to be designed in a Customer-Friendly manner. Firstly, the content needs to be free from grammatical errors and the sentences must be concise and meaningful.

Apart from this, before purchasing any goods or services, a customer has certain questions in his mind, the answers to those he tries to seek on the website of the company. So, the content of a company must be designed in a manner that it answers almost all the questions of the customer. Another thing which is highly important in making the content as Customer-Friendly is that the content of the website of the company must be altered from time to time.

The same content on the website makes it monotonous for the customers to return to the website to have a look at the same old content. So, new additions must be made in the content in order to keep the customers attentive towards the website.

As per now, we think your doubt regarding content being the king of a company and its business must have been cleared. But still, if you have any further doubts then you are free to drop your query in the comments section.

Thank you!

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