Top Five Marketing Tips for Shopify Stores

21 Jun

Undoubtedly, the present era of human civilization should be recognized as the era of digitalization. In this era of digitalization, online businesses have become quite popular. People find it convenient to sit at home and purchase various essential as well as luxurious items online. Even two decades earlier, people never thought that online shopping would be a possibility like it is today. Due to the popularity of online buying or selling, small-scale businesses are getting fair chance to compete with the big guns. Small-scale companies prefer to develop their Shopify websites first. When a website is developed, they need to invest time as well as money in business marketing.

So, how to promote your Shopify website? Well, many effective ways are there and business owners have to understand those ways. In the following section, we shall discuss on the proven strategies or tactics to promote Shopify stores.

Focus on Social Media Presence

Today, we cannot deny the existence of social media. Initially, it was a platform for casual and semi-formal communication between various people. Now, it has turned into a platform that bridges communication between potential buyers and sellers of some products or services. Businesses, especially online stores, are now focusing on their social media presence. If you have started a new business, you should not waste time to create social media profile of your business as your rival businesses already have a presence on social media websites.

Social media can be an excellent medium for business marketing. However, a few rules and ethics are required to be maintained for social media marketing for Shopify stores. The most important thing is to develop a good as well as professional business profile. The social media profile for your business should look impressive. To do that, you need to have a good profile photo. Preferably, the business logo can be used as profile photo as it will help to build brand value of your business.

For social media marketing, you need to learn the art of gaining more and more followers. This would only possible when your business profile updates social media contents frequently. Additionally, it needs to get into communication with various people on social media so that it can gain more fans or followers. Having a high number of followers is always beneficial, as these fans or followers on social media can potentially become customers for the Shopify online store.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, which is also popularly known as SEO, has been considered as classic yet effective business marketing method. Any online based business would like to invest time and money in SEO, as top search engine ranking in search pages of Google will definitely fetch more and more potential customers for your Shopify web store. For SEO, the web store needs a few modifications. First of all, Shopify based websites always enjoy default SEO benefits as guidelines of search engines have been followed by this web developing framework.

The content of your Shopify web store will play a major role in business marketing. Hence, the content has to be optimized carefully. They must be optimized with proper keywords. Contents should be informed and they must talk about your business or products as well as services on your web store. If the content is not information, web visitors would not find your website to be trustworthy. Losing trust is losing potential customers. Hence, the focus should be there in developing well-optimized web content for the Shopify web store.

Apart from these, writing articles and blogs to promote your products or brand name will also fetch terrific SEO results. It is to be reminded that search engine optimization is a constant process. You need to give constant efforts for building search engine optimization results.

Offering Freebies

A newly launched Shopify web store would face a lot of challenges. Getting potential customers for the products or services would not be easy, as the business would have low exposure at the initial stages. You should offer freebies and lure discounts so that people can get attracted to your business. Various kinds of discounts can be given to the buyers. For example, they can be assured of special discounts on their next purchases. They may be assured to obtain certain cash back amount.

Giving freebies or special gifts to the buyers is also a good way of business marketing. You can choose to pick winners for freebies through lucky draws. You can choose to give freebies to those customers who purchase certain products or who purchase things to a certain amount or more than that on your Shopify web store.

Use Referral Programs

Referral programs have emerged as effective business marketing options these days. So, what is basically the concept behind referral program?  This is nothing but involving your customers to get into the process of your business marketing. Customers are lured with freebies and special gifts on their referral to other others. They have to refer your business to their friends and family members. In exchange, they shall gain special discounts on certain products or free gifts or even luring cash back offers.

The referral program is a simple trick of making a Shopify web store popular. It is a process that involves your loyal customers to get into your business marketing process. Hence, minimal cost and efforts are involved from the part of the business owners or managers in case of business marketing through referral programs.

Encourage Customers to Share Experience and Reviews

When someone makes certain purchases through your online store, you should encourage the customer to share his or her review on the overall experience of buying from your Shopify store. It helps to get feedbacks which become valuable in modifying or revamping the web store. Nevertheless, it will help in promoting your business. On top of this, you should encourage customers to share their stories with your products. You should ask them to write reviews so that others, as well as hesitant buyers, can gain enough confidence to purchase your products.

For the promotion of Shopify web store, various techniques or strategies can be applied. Following the tactics mentioned above will definitely help your business to grow.

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