20 Jun
SEO Practices

How will you sell your product if customers won’t find you? Well, SEO practices are something which makes your goodwill, which makes your product known on the google. This is the trend of e-commerce and e-commerce is that concept which can make you or break you! The major platforms like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. make the best of profits and generate 20% of the funds in the economic industry.

When we talk about SEO practices for Shopify website we are actually focusing on the part or agenda of making them popular. Before giving customers a bottom line of satisfying experience you need to understand the best way of optimizing the same. SEO is not a complex concept but something which states about the industry. Obviously, if you have 0 knowledge about SEO you need to go for the professional SEO executive. Moreover, there are two things which need to be focused on the content part which is again a handly part of the SEO.


Owning a genuine Shopify website, having best of products, A1 quality but how to reach people? Adding right keywords in right format can make your article rank on google.


Well, before you start any Shopify website let’s say you do not plan to add all major lifestyle products like fashion apparels but only wish to open up an e-commerce portal for groceries. You need to research the approximate number of population which will benefit from this type of portal. If you feel you can earn a good profit, you are good to go.

Shopify CMS (Content Management System) and Shopify cart go hand in hand, apart from these two there are important features like H1, H2 tags, meta description, etc. These are commonly known as on page SEO.

If you really want your business to go well you need to keep an eye on the traffic regularly and check about the updates that generally government passes for the Shopify websites. Let us discuss the best 10 SEO practices that can help you lead your business.

SEO Practices

Shopify Keyword research

This step is the base of your industry, without keyword research you cannot do anything. Suppose you have started an in e-business for groceries then you must know the terms/ keywords which should be fitted properly in the content or website. This generally brings organic traffic.

Don’t Rely only on PPC

PPC is Pay per click, being an entrepreneur you should not rely only on Pay Per Click. While many e-commerce platforms start relying on PPC the cost of them starts going up and once you stop paying them your website/ advertisement won’t be on the public front and after that public gets a negative impact of the Shopify website.

Avoid Duplicate Content

When you are doing on page SEO, content piracy is the crime. It does not only marks you negative on the Google front but can also give your website a mark of “spam”. Therefore, you need to focus on the content on a big part, only the rich content should be added to the website. There are certain tools which can be used to check the plagiarized content.

Link Building

Link Building is the other phase of on-page SEO. Backlinks are used by search engine optimization to bring traffic to the web pages. Link building can be of two type, either you can link one web page to other web pages of your website or you can also post an article/ blog by guest blogging.

Don’t use Manufacturer Product Description

It is very important for you to understand the basic difference between manufacturer product description and generating your own values. If you use the description of the product as per manufacturer. Even if you are writing the same description using other than copy-pasting it.

Optimize Product Images

Optimizing Product images brings you traffic. What happens when you are being given two books, one with only text and other with images. Obviously, we will go with the book with mages one. The same theory applies here when a customer has to choose between a blog or an image they will click on images and thereby optimizing your images even in content pieces will give you profit.

Include Product Reviews

When are you selling something that will make customers opt for that particular product? Product Reviews! Product reviews generally give an honest view of any product and it will also generate unique content.

Optimizing the anchor text

Adding keywords to your internal links will help to enhance your store visibility in the search engines. Rather than using keywords like “click here” link one can also use synonyms or add up the best keywords suitable in the link only.

If you offer coupons or bonus to customers there are more chances of genuine traffic. These were the best SEO practices for Shopify website which can make your business so get the armlets and start the serendipity.


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