Choosing the appropriate color for your Logo

12 Mar

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When it comes to content marketing campaign it is difficult to build to know where to start you may get an idea initially but getting your message clearly seen on bringing it to life is always harder that thought.

Generally, your content must be resonated with the audience and in some way react and engage with your marketing whatever you want to inform your choice of colour will evoke an action.

Choosing the appropriate color for your logo:

So to get the audiences among multiple markets, we believe that colour is tied to emotion and create feelings actions. To embrace these cues and use in harmony in marketing is most important for brands.

Branding and color:

Every brand has an unique identity and showcases the product and its personality. It is these styles and colour making the brands recognizable.

The color in branding is integral to your overall brand identity.

Some companies create bright color red as their brand, which is supreme colour and full of strength, power, energy and passion.

Colour and Persuasion:

This topic is complexion research shows that every individuals views the cultural differences and personal preference and colors are trying to influence people about thinking the same thing about and still there are plenty of things to be taken into consideration.

Pink colour is branded for babies and it is not appropriate for ‘manly’ things.

Contrast in colors :

Black text with white background is way to read and this combination is contrast and vital for online experience.

Brand Recognition Begins with colour

Colour decides whether people will click on your pop-ups on whether they will click on the button on your CTA? Colour Research and psychologists tell people make judgments’ about your content in 90 seconds and these judgments are influenced by the colors they see. They also make judgments about the product in their subconscious mind these assessments are based on colour alone.

So it is vital and important to choose your colour carefully and stick with it,

Every colour is both positive and negative associated and it is subjective that colour connection is helpful for online design and gives orientation of how you need your brand to be received.

Which Colors to choose for your Logo?


Orange is combining the energy of yellow’s friendliness and red colors power. This orange color is in the form of mixing of warmth, food and shelter. It also makes stimulating our appetite.

It is often seen in medical products.


Yellow is the colour of motivation and lends us positive attitude and enthusiasm. It brings fun and freedom in our visuals and brings comfort in tough times.

It is meaning of happiness, joy and cheerfulness. The most powerful psychological effects of yellow is increasing the spirit and improve one’s confidence. It is the easiest colour to visualize. But it makes one fear or anxiety sometimes. So find the right balance of yellow to motivate others.

It is often seen in luxury products.


Purple possess spirituality and imagination. It mixes powerful red and the reliability of blue making it balancing perfectly for the physical and spiritual level.

Purple is showing courage and magic and luxury. It gives new ideas and space for mystery. Purple colour is associated with creativity.


Red portrays strength and aggression and it reflects the strength. It is very dynamic showing love and affection. It is very powerful colour and portrays fear, terror and survival.


Green is overall powerful presence of getting someone’s attention. That is why it used in ‘sales’ messages mostly. It’s thought evoking nature and a sense of wellbeing. It belongs to environment and linked to money making material things. It relaxes us both mentally and physically. It soothes us and offers a new sense of self-control and reduces depression and anxiety.


Blue color is mentally soothing us and men are associated with blue. It is trust, reliable and it lends more of mental strength than physical challenges. Also it is helping one to distress and calm down.

It indicates friendly color and cold. It is often seen in makeup products for men.


Pink indicates unconditional love and is soft and is a sign of hope. It reflects compassion and empathy and sensitivity. Pink is known to be romantic.

It is often seen in women and baby product packaging.


Black is mysterious. It indicates depression, mystery and death. It is reserved colour and is great color for legibility and high contrast. Mostly it indicates negativity and sadness and evil.


It is a refreshment color and is complete and pure. It indicates peace, cleanliness. White is providing creative ideas and can cause loneliness, emptiness and isolation. White encourages us to clear clutter or obstacles and aids no purify thoughts and actions.

It is often seen in medicinal products.



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