How to run a successful Email Marketing Campaign?

28 Mar
email marketing

How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign (Step by Step)

No matter industry or brand, each one of them faces the biggest challenge in finding the best way to reach to their audience. Email is one of the key links between the company and the customer. In email marketing, the company or brand focuses on reaching to their customers in a refined way. It is one of the fastest growing, cheapest, and efficient e-marketing tools. The fact that millions of people around the world check their email daily, makes email marketing very effective.

Being one of the highest ranking e-marketing tools, email marketing is a fragile business too. On one side you don’t want to be a malign spammer and on the other, you want to stay in touch with your existing as well as potential customers. Email marketing campaign is very useful e-marketing tool, provided it is imposed cleverly. When you send an email, you are encouraging people to visit your website, but, a majority of people prefer permission-based emails.

email marketing

In order to run a successful email marketing campaign, you must follow the below-mentioned steps closely

  • Build an email list 

The very first step is to decide who’ll receive the emails you send. If your product is for a teenager and you publicize it before the people above the age of about 30 years, it’s of no use. You’ll be just wasting your time as well as theirs. At the same time, you need as many people as possible in your email list. It’s just like probability, the more people you have on your email list, more likely you are to get a positive result.

To gain the trust of the people you send email to, you’ll need a reputed email service provider to get in touch with your contacts. An email service provider helps in providing a mobile-friendly email template for your drafts and even keeps a track of unsubscribing rate.

  • Alluring incentives work a charm  

A high ranking way of gaining signups is offering something in return for subscribing to your website. Your focus should be to offer incentives so compelling that the customers don’t think twice before subscribing. For this, you can offer some discounts, or freebies to the viewers in return for signing up. Entailing people to give their email address to receive the results is another way to gain subscribers.

  • Useful content 

First, start with the needs of customers by placing yourself in customer’s shoe and think what interests you the most. Then you just need to be a bit creative in drafting the email with an attractive as well as useful content. Never take the content for granted, in this very step you need to give a lot of thinking. You can send useful content to your subscribers in form of newsletters, blog posts, etc. Keep your focus on maintaining a consistency and not the quantity. Always remember quality matters and not the quantity.

  • Develop your campaign

You must give a name to your campaign for your convenience in identifying it later. While drafting an email, the subject plays a vital role. A relevant subject compels the users to open up the email and increases the open rates. Try to be specific and humorous while composing the subject. After naming your campaign, you need to fix its agenda. For this, you need to select a time frame for sending out emails and set tracking goals.

  • The layout 

The positioning really matters when it comes to the text and image. In the text, you give all the relevant information and links as well. You must add an attractive image to get readers to read the text or to simply draw their attention to a particular section. Be careful in choosing images, too many of them are likely to distract the reader from the overall plan of the content.

  • Keep a track

Maintain a track of your email marketing campaign for effectiveness. Compare the original aim of the campaign with the present scenario and make changes accordingly.

  • Spamming is not an option 

Carefully draft your emails within a certain radius to keep them from being marked as spam. Before sending the email, get it cross-checked from others. This helps in getting the opinion of the audience who would read it.

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