How to choose a company name and logo?

27 Mar
How to Pick the Perfect Company Name and Logo

How to Pick the Perfect Company Name and Logo– Useful Tips and Services

“Call him Voldemort, Harry. Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.” By these words stated by J.K Rowling, we can deduce that half the impression of anything is in its name itself. Some words have characteristics that instigate imagination as well as interest. Within a brand development strategy, the task of choosing a brand name is as critical as any other task. Pick a right name and just sit and watch it achieving things on its own for you. On the contrary, if you pick a wrong name for your brand, you won’t even get a chance to tell people what you do.

The importance of a brand logo and the brand name is selfsame. You commit a serious mistake when you think choosing a logo for a company, is a piece of cake. Choosing the right and most appropriate logo is not at all easy. The logo serves as an identity for your company and how will people perceive it in future. Hence, you need to devote appropriate resources and time to create an attractive logo. The company name and its logo serve as a vital marketing tool for the brand. One should never underestimate the power of a company logo.

LogoNow we’ll discuss some points you must keep in mind while naming your company –

Easily pronounceable – If the name is too difficult to spell, it leads to a branding disaster. It will be hard to type in the search engine and share among the target audience. If it is too long, people will have a hard time remembering it. The name of the company or brand must be such that people be able to memorize it. There must be a precise choice of pronunciation, length, and spelling of the name.

Color games – Color creates a very strong and emotional connect that could channelize for or against your brand. The color of brand name plays a very requisite factor for how the audience visualizes your brand, as people register more what they see than what they hear.

Relatable – The brand name you draft must give a hint about what business your company does. Looking London, talking Tokyo doesn’t work here. If people can relate the brand name to the business, it makes your business easier to find and give more clarity to it.

Acronyms – If the companies cannot help but keep a long brand name, they shorten it be using acronyms.

Be unique – Come up with some unique and creative name. Try to stand out from other brands, make your own identity. Don’t try to copy a name from another brand that already exists.

Domain name – Before keeping a domain name, do check its availability. All the hard work of keeping an eye-catching name goes in vain if you are unable to register a domain name that fits your company.  

Now, after you have managed to draft an exciting name for the company, next step is to create a unique logo. There are basically three type of logos-

  • You can simply write the name of your company in the creative font. Companies like Dell, Sony, Coca-Cola, Prada, etc. use this type of logo.
  • You can use an icon or a symbol to represent a brand name. For example- Apple, WWF, Nike, etc.
  • You can even combine the above-mentioned types. For example Starbucks, McDonald’s, Adidas, etc. use the name as well as an icon in their logo.

Once you have decided the type of logo you want, next step is to design it. You must check following two factors while designing it-

  1. Its Font – Font of the logo must be neat and vivid no matter what is its size and spelling. The style the logo is drafted imparts varying meanings. Thick fonts convey power and authority which further conveys that your brand is reliable. Serif fonts look traditional and timeless. Sans serif looks neat and modern. Slanted or italic fonts convey flexibility and motion.
  2. Color – The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. This statement is completely true. The color you choose for the logo exhibits different meanings like white is clean, black is mysterious, orange is confident, blue is dependable, red is exciting, yellow is warm, green is peaceful. For example, the cosmetic companies use colors like crimson and pink in their logo, as most women prefer these colors.

The logo acts as the visual cornerstone of your brand. While conceptualizing a logo, always remember, it is meant to appeal the target audience. Your company logo must stand-out from that of your competitors. If you have a tagline for your brand, incorporate it into the design of your logo. The company name and its logo are the fundamental part of its identity.


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