8 SEO tricks everyone should know

15 May

The three big letter word which is most suitable yet scary for many people out there. SEO term stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the underdog of our digital economy. Everyone needs some of the best SEO tips to work in the context of online marketing so that the company can reach it’s customer and can create a healthy business family.

Now, SEO has no secrets at all, it is like an open book in which people can share about their business strategies and make use of some of the amazing SE tools to make a win-win situation. There are many easy-picky SEO tricks that at least everybody should now. So let’s get with the easiest 8 top tricks.


Keep Content Fresh


When you know that quality matters, not the quantity thereby keeping a check on your content can make you the warrior after all Content is the King and SEO revolves around the same data structure only. Your audience is not interested in reading the date content instead they long for something fresh always. Content can help you achieve the desired traffic.


Build relationships, not links


We all know that getting the affiliated link is the foremost thing in any business but according to the SEO terminology you need to understand that one has to build relationships and not only links. The best way to link building is to forge the connection and offer a great value to the bloggers, this may indeed help raise their value, your goodwill and building links will also become easy.


Usability should be your Priority


No matter what type of business you are running, on a small scale, large scale. You should prioritize the usability of your web pages. One should know the exact database and statistics of their individual web pages, the total number of traffic, bounce rates, DA, PA and much more. You can use Google tools to analyze your data.


Keywords and their story


Do you know the basic root of SEO? It starts with the knowledge of SEO. Yes, placing the keyword in right areas and in the right quantity helps you achieve the SEO functionality. Make sure that you add keywords in some of the important areas like Headings, Introduction, Conclusion, etc. To enhance your content more accurately you can also use long tail keywords. One can use google keyword research to get better results.


Use Images with Alt tag and caption


Many of us have a habit of adding images to our text without thinking anything and upload the same but this is counted as one of the bad practices in SEO terminology. You must know which image you are using and every time you are posting an image on the website you should add the alt tag and caption because Google crawls the image quicker than the text.


Add Meta Description


While posting a blog or article people tend to miss out adding meta description but this is the reflection of your working technique. If you are not adding meta description then google automatically takes the first 3 lines of your blog. So, it is better to add the meta description which will be summary of your text. You can add up to 170 characters in the same.


Usage of Reference


Suppose you are reading a motivational book nowadays and you exhibit one of the plans for your business. Whom will you give credit to? Of course the book, right? Same applies here as well if you are using a reference from any other website then do mention the URL of the website, it will give you credits.


Don’t forget to socialize your posts


Socializing your posts helps you achieve a good traffic. When you are uploading your blog on your website, you can share your blog posts on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can also start with some of the online contests to aware your brand among customers.

Before using the SEO techniques you should keep this in mind that over-flowing the things into your content also plays a negative role in your ranking. To make your content rich in SEO take the less traveled road and focus on long tail opportunities.

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