8 E-commerce marketing steps to improve sales

14 May

E-commerce platform is one of the new emerging profitable economies. E-commerce is the lucrative proposition in its way and expects a much way longer with some of the amazing channels and steps are there to boost up your industry. Small steps can make a large difference and here are the best of 8 steps to generate the profitable expenditure in your e-commerce store.

As an entrepreneur, you should know that altering your content and making slight differences will automatically drive traffic to your website. One is not bored of the e-commerce stores and thereby tend to purchase everything online, now it depends on you as entrepreneurs how to drive your desired traffic to your store.  

8 E-commerce marketing steps to improve sales

Improve your traffic by Instagram

Instagram is one the new movement of the world which was set in the year 2017 After Facebook, Instagram plays a major role in the terms of business. One can share their posts, ads,  links to blogs and articles. Instagram is known to be an emerging Juggernaut for the e-commerce industry.

Here is what you need to do

  • Post at least 3 images daily and update with a love content weekly.
  • Comment and Like on the competitor’s post
  • Follow and Unfollow the competitors
  • Get Leverage from other paid accounts to drive traffic in a good amount

Paid Traffic


You must have heard people using this word, Paid Traffic when it comes to the eternal of the profitable industry, paid traffic is one of the biggest tools. There is a chance that you might pay for an ad campaign but does not receive high expertise. Secondly, if you are following paid campaigns then there must be 3-4 ad campaigns posted up on regular basis.

Here is what you need to do

  • Emerge into Facebook ad campaigns (Post 3-4 daily)
  • Go to a Twitter ad campaign
  • Do the conversion tracking
  • Call to actions

E-commerce stepsCross-Selling

Cross Selling becomes one of the preferable investment schemes that need to be taking up on the e-commerce platforms to enhance their sale structure. Cross Selling generally means branding or promoting the products of any other brand. You must have seen Amazon on the sidelines gives credit cards offers, this is an example of cross-selling. This is a very common tactic which offers great success for companies.

Here is what you need to do

  • Affiliate your business with some of the premium brands
  • Make an exclusive deal on the same


Go for Mobile ready Mo-commerce optimized

Surviving in today’s generation and coping up with the competition becomes very difficult for an e-commerce industry without having the mobility in optimization. People now are generally lethargic, they don’t show their interest in pcs and systems instead go for the apps which are way too convenient. Thereby making a mobile app for your e-commerce platform can boost up your success to 80%.

Here is what you need to do

  • Check out the structure and layout of your website
  • Select the mobility whether you want your app to be present n google play store or apple or both
  • Keep your mobile app up to date


Seasonal cash discounts, Automate birthdays and Anniversary

Customers love to get wishes on their D-day from their favorite store. So, set the key for automation of your customers birthdays, anniversaries so that they can get a warm greeting with amazing cash discounts. Apart from this, seasonal cashback discounts play a major role in the sale. You must have seen Amazon and Flipkart comes up with the sale like Summer season sale, End of the season sale, republic day sale, Diwali sale, Holi Sale. These are the basic occasion in which demand multiplies by almost 60%.

Here is what you need to do

  • Automate and update your website for the customer friendly database
  • Ask for their birth dates, anniversary dates and email id (Probably)
  • Come up with some of the greatest deals for the customers
  • Allow cashback and discounts on heavy rates
  • Use exciting taglines


Remove check out from the registration

It is mandatory to remove the registration process while checking out. You need to understand your customers, you would shop online and be asked o complete the registration process first then many of us just cliche to the web page, to avoid that you need to give the customer the freedom of registration. There should be no pain in the first payment and a customer can opt for registration later.

Here is what you need to do

  • Remove the mandatory registration process
  • Allow visitor to be a guest (For the first time)
  • Make the Payment mode easy

Turn up your sales with online contests

The most fun and amazing way of turning up your sale are believing in online games and contests. People do try to participate in this to earn cash prizes or gifts. You can perform alike social online contest by uploading a picture and asking for the caption, the best caption can earn a cash prize, cash voucher, gift voucher or anything.

Here is what you need to do

  • Use social contests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Ask them to share the contest by tagging friends or sharing to their wall
  • Coming up with new innovative contests
  • Gifting them the exclusive gift prizes


Focus your 80% on your best products

It is practically proven that focusing on your best products will boost your economic growth. Focus only on the best and traffic will be driven to your web page than focusing on every product and reducing the quality. In the end, quality is what matters!

Here is what you need to do

  • Promoting your brand through your best products
  • There is no problem in flaunting your good reviews
  • Keep a check on other products too
  • Let the products with high demand be your savior

So, these were the easiest and best ways to boost your e-commerce platforms. Take the roads, invest your materials and startup! To ensure that you are growing you need to focus on your customer’s demand and everything starts with what you serve their needs and demands.

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