How to do video marketing online

24 May

Not only texts but graphics like videos, images prove to be a better way out of social media. Videos are one of the most trending and viral things that go on to the internet and can make any business run that too with speed. Video marketing campaign has seen 69% of all consumer traffic and videos actually lead 800% more conversion.

Well, we know that video marketing does extremely well in the social media sphere but here we provide you with some of the best tips that can make your videos go viral in just a few minutes.


Focus on your Story, not Sale


When you know the plot of the story make sure that your videos should revolve around the story and not the sale. It is not because of the sale that has to be optimized but the story that has value. The same applies to the content marketing theory where your focus should be on what to provide customers and completing their wants and needs.  Thereby, one should focus on the storyline of the videography and always place a strategic and call to actions.




The main lead for your social media business should be your audience and company usually be clear about their audience and the type of product they are selling. Don’t just make a video and post the same on various platforms but also see and regulate that the content you are using, the video you are making, is the video reaching on the targeted audience or you are just creating a “thing” and posting it.


Make your title count


Just line blog headline or keywords in blogs making your title count in your video is also appreciable. People usually read the title first and if they find the title alluring or exciting then only they look forward to the video. Videos title can pull powerful traffic, there are two main reasons for using a good title for your video

    • It is beneficiary for customers, they can read your title and  you can grab their attention
    • Using right keywords in the title will help in better search engine optimization, remember Google owns YouTube so significantly it makes a connection between the search content and videos.



Include your URL in the video


When you edit your video take advantage of different editing features also like one is including your URL in your video this will generate the awareness amongst people. You can see many examples on youtube where people are creating their own vines and generating a lot of amazing content. What are they are doing? Including their URL in the video so that customer not only like their channel but also subscribe the same.


Take advantage of video branding opportunity


When we are talking all about the videos, content, social media optimization how can we not talk about the branding and publishing of videos? For branding purpose, you can use the logo on your video screen to get the branding so that customers can know your brand and value the same.


Make it the best 10 seconds ever


One-fifth of the customers will click away from a video in 10 seconds, so video experts say that one needs to make the best 10 seconds ever of the video so that it keeps the customer engagement. Your videos should clearly and straight away answers all questions of customers.


Lighten up, Stop being so boring


Many vines on youtube or Facebook indicates that all the vines are of the same type, the comic yet vulgar content, right? So guys lighten up your videos and stop following the crowd stop being boring. Try out some of the new themes and let people enjoy their 9 to 5s giving them funny or emotional content. Though B2B is important for your organization but focus on B2C equally.


Always provide an HTML link


When you upload a video on Youtube you have an option to write a short description about your video so don’t just miss out the content and make sure that you are writing a short description for the video, this will help Google to crawl the text and make video marketing easy.

These were the 8 pointers which help in creating the video marketing the best. Apart from this, I am also providing with bullets to supercharge your videos.


Create a campaign


Creating a campaign can never go wrong if you are using beyond themes videos and making an effort to recline your videos. For greater exposure, make a list of rich content videos. Not only this will set a proper bookmark but also helps in creating a better goodwill in the arena.


Always Include a call to action


Never forget to ask questions from your viewers, for this, you can create signing up option or newsletters or you can also ask them to go to your website and comment on videos either about their likes, dislikes or about the progressing parts. If your video is good, make full advantage of it.


Don’t make the sales Pitch


There is no problem in performing the sales marketing but if your video holds a sales pitch then it can be a big problem for you. Your video should connect the audience and not just based on the profitable front.

3 ideas to create a spark in your videos




Tell people about your products and services. Ask them freely about their opinions, tell them everything they will get once they receive products.


Product Review


Find out products related to your niche and do a good amount of research and product review on the same.


Grow your list


Social media strategy is all about growing your clients and making industry contacts. You can do a case of barter system here in which you can ask customers their email id and in return, you can provide them with certain tips or ebooks or anything.

Last but not the least thing is that don’t try to be perfect in the first outrageous work. Let the things take time and do best from your ide to get better video marketing online schemes.

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