How to choose a SEO company

26 Jun
Choose SEO Company

We feel lethargic while choosing some of the important things in our life like it has wisely said “Time and tide wait for none” same applies to your business. When something is not done at the right time then you may the same. When you are choosing a reputable company for the SEO thing you may find both good and bad aspects of the same, it can be confusing and overwhelming at times but we are here to provide to doors to a good SEO ageny.

Vey importantly, don’t make mistake while choosing the right firm as this is a pretty big decision which can automatically give you the crown or let you start from the rags.

Starting from the basic thing, what do you understand by the term SEO?

SEO Company

SEO in layman’s language is something which helps your business/ website to be on the top of Google and I guess this is pretty enough for the understanding. If we go into deep then SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which helps your website to come up in the search data of giant web portals like “Google”.

Before starting with the tips to choose a good SEO company, here are some of the common mistakes that you need to be afraid of;

Do not use Google as your search filter

Login makes sense here! Do not just go with the google search and appoint the company which is over the top. Think, if you are searching for a good SEO company, why won’t they do their SEO perfectly to be ranked on google! Think wisely, choose nicely!

Do not always trust “Top SEO list”

By the literal meaning, don’t just get with Top SEO company. For example, you are searching “Best SEO companies” on google and google will show you the top results but some of the companies whose name would be relatable to “Top SEO company” or “”. It is not necessary that if a company with the brand name topseo is actually good!

Believing that there is a secret sauce

There are no secrets to SEO. If you are going to a company for your respective business and put a question of how will you be doing it, expect a good and impressive answer if they are saying, “sorry it’s a secret then trust me this is a very bad sign!

Don’t Fall into SEO presentations

Your parents must have taught you that you cannot just judge a book by its cover, that is the only case which is being applied to the big hat business. SEO companies look very attractive, charms you and then mold you into their web but you need to understand what is right and what is not!

Let’s come back to some of the tips that you must be aware of before choosing your SEO company.

Goal Goal Goal

Your primary goal should be very clear. Before opting the SEO terminology sit with your CEO, executive team, and everyone an plan out the listed goals. Why do you want to have SEO for the business? What achievements are you trying to figure out?

Apart from this, when you have figured out the goal it is very important to differentiate between good goals and bad goals.

Good Goals

– Getting traffic from specific groups

– Trying to boost revenue

– Trying to boost sentiments for brand

Bad Goals

– Focusing only on Traffic

– Beating a particular competitor and overusing keywords

– Vanity metrics

Consultants/ Agencies

Once you have sorted out your primary goals you need to set two to five comfortable zones. Hire two to five consultancies or agencies.

Good Sources

– Your friends or personal networks

– Non-cooperative companies

– Industry Insiders

You need to choose on these 3 importantly things

–  The trust that you have been established for the company

Well, the network plays the role here! You need to establish the trust for your company and for this you need networks, networks. Either go on with marketing ventures on deep yourself with network marketing.

– Price and Contract structure

Some SEO companies work on the contractual basis. For example, you will be given a particular amount and you just need to pay a little amount earlier and later on you have to pay a fee every month.

Find an SEO company that can track your data

It is very important for any company to know your details if they will be doing SEO then this should be in the first place. This includes phone calls, contact forms, site visits, etc. This will benefit you on the long front!

Get SEO companies reviews and testimonials

Before buying any cloth online we mostly go through all the reviews and testimonials so it is important to know about the firm. So for this, you can request for the case study of the company and be assured that you are giving your business in good hands.

Define your Budget

Before you get into a service, you should know about their pricing as well as your budget. What if you like a package but cannot afford it, it hurts right? That is why you need to define your budge prior to choosing an SEO company. Most SEO companies have the variety of packages on the monthly basis and this makes your life easier.

Apart from the above tips just avoid the SEO companies who somewhere or the other promises you the following points;

– Overnight traffic

– Doubled Traffic

– Instant Leads

– Search Engine submission

– X amount of Backlinks

The key to finding accurate SEO company is nothing but research. Make sure you find an SEO company which has ample experience, good in their words, respects your data’s privacy but if a company is not willing to open up themselves with you then that company is not right for your business.

A word of advice: Do not do business with anyone that insists on retaining copyrights to any and all metadata they create, edit, or analyze for you. If they retain or have this right assigned to them, they can legally bar you from using it or totally strip your site should you choose to leave them for another company. With Blue Corona, everything we work on throughout our relationship is yours now, and yours forever

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