How to redesign shopify website

29 May

Creating and designing a website is much different from the term redesigning of a website. Recreating, modification and altering any website is a difficult task as changing the themes and up-fronting the articulation reaches to a level segment. When there is shopping, the website plays a major role in the e-commerce platforms because Shopify website works on the moto of two things, good quality products with best-discounted rates and the overall layout of a website.

With the change in time, when time holds much importance in the lives of people then recreating and redesigning the Shopify website is actually a method of pulling out the traffic and engaging people in your alluring website with some best of themes. According to the SEO, it also adds value to the SEO technologies.



Well, before doing any work we usually make a rough work for it and then sketch out the finalizing content and predictions that we want. Five days brainstorm is something which is ideal for the whole team in which people can bring out their amazing ideas that may prove good for a Shopify website.

After you are done with the outlay and ideas to be broadcasted before you go online directly to customers it is very important to survey about the same to test on few team members.



It is very important for you to plot out your sitemap, you can do this by giving a different name to every web page this helps in finding out the errors soon and correcting them. Plotting names on the sitemap will also give you a visual that the names you are using may be used as sub-categories of the given web pages.



When you know that you have already brainstorm yourself and you are ready with your sitemap then before designing you must write your own copy, your headlines, your H tags and majorly playing the “Why” game.

Why the game is nothing but having an actual meaning of everything you write on your website. This will help to break the glass in any scenario if your every word is SEO friendly then traffic and profit will not be a problem anymore. This “Why” factor is mostly used by Simon Sinek’s and he says “ The Why factor will actually help you generate a good work family”.



Wireframes are the skeleton for the design if you want your customer to love your design and your website you cannot skip this in any way and especially when we are talking about a Shopify website, building wireframes will give you an idea that your idea is on which level if marked from 100. You aren’t caught off guards and be in the real quick.



Creating a good sitemap and then going for before copywriting then designing, we can no way miss the Photoshop before coding. When everything goes step by step then handling the coding front after Photoshop is right. There is a reason why, it will eliminate the concept of imaginary thing when you work out with your codes and give you exact thing what you are longing for.




Before going onto the final stage make your habit of testing in the middle process. Choose A or B, here are some simple steps.


The first thing you need to do is create Hypothesis, he is something to be compared of from the original content to your alteration. This can include anything, for example, you can change a static image from an owned video and see how many conversion are there on the particular web portal.

Test it

When you are done with the hypothesis creation. You need to create a duplicate web page of the same website which is marked as B and your original web page will be marked as A. So, now you need to test A or B, keep it for the month and see how many customers are there, what is the DA, PA, current conversion rate and expected change in conversion rate. This is very important if you are running a Shopify website and you know the power of customers when your digitalization holds goodwill.

Analyse it

The most important part where you need to make out in the result form and see which one has passed the test A or B. If there are obvious winner go ahead with the same scenario but if the results are 50-50 then revise your hypothesis and keep revising.



We discussed in the above point about Photoshop before coding. So, now when everything has been set, your design has been selected you can go for the coding format.  When talking about the Shopify website customer must be given the freedom to choose the major or subcategories according to their search, this will make things easier for them.



Some designers feel that they have created the design, they have set the coding paar and the work is done but here dear readers mockups do play an important role. Printing your design on a paper and analyzing it visually give you an example of how your audience will find the same.



Now, this is the time when your hard work pays off. You need to push codes in the outline structure of web pages, you need to make them more customer friendly by adding likes, dislikes buttons or adding up a section of reviews where they can write about on what they feel. Your customer will love you for this that you are valuing their word by asking them their review.



Yes, when everything is done then you can go live and show your hard work to the real world but remember testing of A and B should e on the regular basis as change is the outcome of every story, you never know when which thing starts finding your content boring and website outdated.

These were the best of 10 simple steps which help in redesigning a Shopify website where you can recreate the content, web pages or whole website easily, but remember one thing when you are writing the copy of your content of the web page write it in the customer language after all they are buyers and no one can be a better advocate than they are.


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