21 Mar
Online Marketing

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It’s never been easy to grow in an e-commerce business. It’s harder to succeed in this tough competition.

While working on our plans for e-commerce business or Shopify usually there are always hundreds of things to do and even when we make solid plans to take all the issues coming, few emergencies will derail you.

Few factors matter a lot when you can’t balance between thinks you work and that actually end up working.

If you get to know the factors that affect e-commerce success.

You’ll most important tasks so that if you come to know the root causes of e-commerce success rather than going after the followers will get you results.

The found the three factors affecting e-commerce are

  1. High repurchase rate
  2. Low cost of customer acquisition
  3. Healthy Margins

One may look it at an easy glance but actually, it is more complicated. You will need to know how to work on their factors if you need to make your success.

Online Marketing

1.High Repurchase rate:

It relies on the customers for the total revenue. It is the major factor which yields profits for your e-commerce website. Taking a notice of the product price brand, customer experience, and marketing. In front of the customer loyalty, everything including marketing is not that important part. It is to keep up the existing buyers.

Automated email campaigns can help you in marketing but if at all anyone had a bad experience when they made a purchase at first, email campaigns will go back to low levels.

So make good customer support service. One has to make sure the existing clients are happy. They must not give negative customer reviews. When they land on your site, the customer will start experimenting with how they feel whether it is easy to search a product or while making product selection or easy to enter contact details or shipping. These data you can view on your site, and also by going through customer reviews

In any e-commerce website, product has to come first rather than marketing details. Get the product selection right and it is a good skill set.

  1. Low cost of customer acquisition:

It is the cost of marketing expense to get new customers like you should make active advertisements by hiring experts to do the marketing and this cost depends on your competitors and your margin level.

The primary factors involved are

  • Brand:

This is the most important and fuzziest thing to lower your cost. You must know that people must have heard of your Brand and how different you are from competitors and ways to trigger new customers to check your store. So you have to grow consistently to reach your brand to potential customers.

  •  Marketing:

One must know the e-commerce tactics like you should do marketing differently rather than only with emails. Like, say SEO e-commerce focused on contents, keyword search, link building and traffic generation.

3) Healthy margins

It is the benchmark of revenues and cost and it gives space for you to invest. Other than marketing expenses, we also have shipping and product cost after availing discounts. In any early e-commerce business, costs should be low because some niches of psychological terms so that people get attracted to buy your product.

Also, you can make customer retention after my visitors start landing on your site and after you make sales. Till that you need not focus more on profitability.

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