7 useful tips for running facebook ad

08 May

When we talk about social media we usually come up with the concept of Facebook, Instagram, etc. Thereby Investing in social media keypoints may sometimes give you profitable investment or sometimes also can beat up to risks.  Are you already sick of losing money on Facebook? One of the prominent reason to get through into the conceptualization is a power of the money.

Man advertisers just like you take the swing of the new Facebook ads every other day to promote business, hoping to finally open the box and get fascinating gifts! Facebook ads generally inclined with demographics, pictures, and videos but they do not reward you with goodwill and profit, but.. but.. but.. Here are the best of 7 useful tips or your Facebook ads which will help you be in a win-win situation…

Tip#1. Your Offer will make or break your campaign

Yes, you heard that absolutely right. Facebook ads campaigns can make your work or break your work so it is essential for one t to know the exact thing they are investing in. As there are a very atmosphere and struggle for the social media calls, one has to be actually unique so that they enrich themselves with a great goodwill. For instance, if we talk about two scenarios where both the companies are selling t-shirts.

One Brand says that there is almost a 50% discount on your favorite t-shirts and moreover if you are buying 2 tees you can get one free.

Another brand says; Exclusive discount up to 40% off on Fashion Apparels. Your Purchase will help to serve the needy ones. Your 1 rupee adds a lot their life.

Now, if we come to a point and see that getting 50% discount that is almost half the price is something very amazing but people on social media, people on e-commerce do not sell themselves but are impressed by some heart touching lines. These two examples showed different scenarios that are the realm of digital marketing.

Tip 2# Know your customers

The tip seems very easy but is one of the prominent which can actually derive traffic to your Facebook page. So, before posting an ad on Facebook you should know your audience and post the appropriate content. Marketing is an art which targets people of all age group, there are companies which promote their products for children, housewives, businessmen, etc.

For instance, if a company is branding a Blackberry smartphone then the target audience set should not salary person, not housewives, not students but businessmen. These tactics prove great ahead in terms of ad campaigns. Before enhancing the Product Developing marketing scheme there are some sort f questions which one should make a note of:

  • The exact age group?
  • Why would they buy?
  • Was it is as they expected?
  • Are they doing mouth marketing?

The list is long and needs to be tailored according to the customer needs and desires.

Tip3 # Attribution model

It is very important to understand the attribution of Facebook while posting ad campaigns. There are set of “rules” for the campaign. It is very important to note that how many conversations were there in your post.

Within Manage Ad words one can customize their columns and decide their conversion goals.

Tip 4# Keep your creative fresh

Your content needs to be freshly made with exotic ingredients so that one should not compromise on the quality aspects of businesses. Keep a record on ROAS and CPA to ensure your tracking ad performance. If you are running in 3-4 ads and if 1 drop downs that mean fatigue ad.

Another common reason for the drop down is having a detrimental comment in your ad post. Now there is another question how many ad ones should post on Facebook then it has proven great if you post 3 ads in a day as it engages traffic and vitals growth.

Tip 5# Remarketing

Being a digital Marketer remarketing plays a very crucial role in ads so don’t miss out this strategy. The Facebook setting will help you in this, you can post the outsourced links and links to other pages and domains and also choose remarketing window length.

The creative and the copy of your ads will dynamically change based on the visitors have viewed.

Tip 6# Scaling with manual bidding

Facebook bidding is one of the powerful tools nowadays. Those from the paid search world, Facebook marketers find bidding fascinating. When you plan your entire payroll, Facebook calculates and give you out on the budgetary ad campaigns,

  • How it is allocated: Daily or Lifetime
  • Optimization goals
  • Audience
  • Set History

The important elements EAR and user value which you might not have used but heard definitely.

Tip 7# Test Instagram

The Instagram app came up in 2017 and has set a new trend in our country. There is a feature in Instagram that if you post something here then you have an option of sharing to facebook also. Break out some test budgets and see how this placement works! You are good to go.

Therefore these were the best of 7 tips that are used for the growth of your Facebook ads campaigns, Facebook is one of the considerations of the traffic driven social website. So make your plan accordingly!

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