6 Amazing Blog Promotion Tricks – Part 1

05 Aug

Content Marketing is an effective and one of the most aggressive strategies for increasing online user participation on the digital domain. Though there are various strategies to improve the quality of your content, here are some workable hacks to promote your blog:

1. Find influencers

Think about the promotional aspect of your blog right from the start. Infuse quantities and qualities in it to make it good enough to share, by influencers and an average reader. Use online services to find influencers who are bloggers, thought leaders and authorities who have created a huge fan base and earned respect in a specific field(s).

After finding influencers, contact them and ask politely to share your blog. One very effective trick to get in their good books is to cite them in one of your blog or social media post. If your content impresses them enough, a single share by your “idol” can successfully attract hundreds of views within seconds!

2. Social media

We all know that Social media platforms are important for promotion of products, services and other digital marketing efforts. But there are some other lesser known features to exploit for better audience engageability:
• Use attractive images as the thumbnail for your post in social media update. It is also relevant for platforms such as youtube and other type of “click and know” type of content. Enticing image encourages users to click on the update.
• Shoot surveys and generate rewards for random survey takers or the most active members.
• Keep your social media profile active and popular. Update your profile and cover photos regularly and in the description, link it to your landing pages
• Pin the most interesting post on the top of your page and incite user excitement about your blog.
• Schedule your updates and post it to match your audience’s most active time period. Usually from 10 to 10.
• Shorten URL using free services like bit.ly and goo.gl and reduce the character of your post which is otherwise eaten up by long web addresses.
• Apart from having social media sharing buttons at the bottom of your blogs, also have links to profiles of your business right on your website.

3. Paid promotion

Paid advertising amplifies your marketing efforts immensely. Opposed to the popular misconception, it is not only used for selling products and services but also for blog promotion:
• While PPC marketing gives meaningful ROI in trading but you can always keep your investment low with long tail keywords. With careful analysis of user behaviour data generated by analytics and marketing automation software, you can generate quality traffic to your content, without heavy inputs.
• All the social media platforms offer paid promotion facilities on their websites. Boost the most interesting and popular post and maximise the social reachability of your profile.

All the above strategies are frequently adopted for content promotion, check out the part 2 of our blog promotion hacks for some other important techniques of effective advertising.


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