6 Amazing Blog Promotion Tricks – Part 2

05 Aug

In the last part I listed some hacks to promote your blog, viz. Influencers, Social Media and Paid Promotion. Let’s look at some more of the effective ways to boost your blog’s online presence.

4. Email marketing

Right from the beginning of Internet generation in 90’s, it has been the starting point for most communication, personal/ professional or advertising. It is still a very important and effective strategy after so many years. In addition to sending newsletters and RSS feed make sure to implement the following qualities in your mails:

• Ask and encourage readers to forward your emails and posts, add buttons for social media sharing.
• Update your database and segment your mailing list to remove dead spammy and inactive subscribers to reduce bounce rates.
• Promote special offers through emails, to get more traffic on your website. If your blog deals with providing knowledge and some specific subject send links to eBooks and online courses.
• In addition to using pre designed templates, sometimes send out plain text emails for a more humane touch.
• Use enticing “subjects” in your email, which makes your communication too attractive to resist. People must actually open and read your communicated message.

5. Data science and personalised targeting

Targeting techniques have changed drastically over the period of time. A huge data (big data) is available to marketers from eCommerce websites, analytics and email service providers. Proper use of this bulky data helps to create a more personalised experience for your audience.
Marketers are creating audience-specific campaigns instead of making common campaigns for all audience.
 Use analytics data to gauge consumer behaviour and create distinct profiles.
 Create a unique marketing campaign and communication according to the nature of profiles.
 Make sure to not include the same individual in two different profiles. Keep updating your profiles after subsequent marketing effort.

6. Niche websites and guest blogging

You cannot expect to post your content at any random place generate likes and shares by audience. Chances are that you would be flagged as a spammer and lose credibility in the online community. But as they say there is a proper way to do things:

 Find websites that belong to your business and allied services.
 Make profiles on such websites and post regular updates. Make sure to add shortened link of your blog in all your posts.
 Post insightful answers to related questions by other members. It enables you to build a following and become an influencer yourself in your niche!
 The platform which actually relates to you would always be much more interested in sharing your content, as compared to the wider audience base.

Guest blogging is an effective way to generate traction on your fresh blog. Build backlinks to your website by inserting natural links to your blog in your posts. However, your content must be state-of-the-art for a noteworthy guest blogging website to approve.

Though all these hacks are absolutely important to promote your blog but it is actually more important to analyze the data of your campaign. A critical scrutiny will decide the course of your next blog post, and its success.
I hope you use these tricks and generate landmark traffic to your website!


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