6 ways To Maintain an Efficient Email List – Part 1

08 Sep

Email Marketing eats a huge chunk of business’ budget, additionally, no one wants to be bothered by unwanted spams. If a lot of your mails land up in spam folder or straight to junk without being opened, it can be very damaging to your business. You can even be marked as an official “spammer”.

Even after creating an exhaustive list of accounts to broadcast your mails, your task is still far from over. Your mailing list needs to be maintained so that your subscribers embrace your mails with open hands.

Here is the continuation of our list for maintaining an efficient email list:


  1. Remove Accounts which seem Fake and Spam

This tip is again focussed on the wisdom that the quality of mailing list dominates over its size. A list of Email IDs that do not even engage with your email is as good as junk. Right people targeted carefully are going to read to Email anyways. They might even convert by clicking on the links and eventually turn into prospective leads.

But the problem is that most mailing lists are full of phantom or Spam accounts. Most of the Email marketing and Automation softwares automatically remove spam profiles by applying SPF, DKIM and DMARC protocols.  For clearing out such useless accounts- Look for common signs of spammers with email addresses that look like “[email protected]”. This is an example of custom domain addresses and you are probably never going to get a response from them.


  1. Monitor and Minimize Bounce Rate


Bounce rates means the percentage of emails that do not get delivered and bounce back to the sender. There are two types of email Bounces, hard and soft. Hard bounce means that the email you send is returned from the recipient’s email server, while in latter, the email is accepted by the recipient’s server but returned from the subscriber.


A high bounce rate can blow up the ROI of your campaign. Investigate the reason of Bounce, which may be a result of spam account or an incorrect email address. It may be a server issue sometimes and trying at a later time may resolve the issue. If the problem still persists, delete the account from the mailing list right away. A high bounce rate can officially get you marked as a spammer. Clear these questions beforehand if you are planning to buy an email automation software.


  1. Rectify Common Spelling Error from Email Accounts

This is an additional tip which is otherwise not recommended but is very effective for a small or 1000 something mailing list. Sometimes your subscribers might have intention and enthusiasm to join your list but simply made an error in hurry.


All Email Databases have some accounts which are spelled incorrectly.  You would have come across email addresses with domain names like “gmal” or “yoohoo”. Either delete these accounts of edit the domain names to reduce the bounce rates or better still, reach the correct inbox.


Mailing lists are the most widely used weapon for Digital Marketing. With Emails your product reaches the audience directly. Though collecting data for subscribers is a huge task in itself but that list must be properly maintained to reach a good quality consumer base. Apply the above hacks, and you would not need complain. At all.


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