FCR introducing Doctorsqueries

29 Nov

FCR introducing Doctorsqueries is to simplify healthcare for a billion Indians by empowering them with pivotal information that helps them make the right healthcare decisions. As the next step in this direction, FCR introducing Doctorsqueries a wheelchair icon on the clinic and hospital profiles. This will help people who require a wheelchair facility for themselves or their families and friends find a medical establishment that suits their needs.

Over a millions of people in India are suffering from one or the other kind of disability. FCR introducing Doctorsqueries need for this information is vital for those who rely on wheelchairs for mobility, and Doctorsqueries believes that this input will enable them to choose the right clinic or hospital for them. In addition to existing filters like consultation fees, availability and online booking, Doctorsqueries will be adding a wheelchair filter, which will narrow down the search for clinics and hospitals with healthcare services and wheelchair services in a matter of few seconds.

Reaffirming its commitment to improve access to quality healthcare services, doctorsqueries is aimed at taking a holistic approach towards understanding and responding to the needs of native language customers In a country where just over 10% of its population can speak English, the need to break down the language barrier in patient-doctor communications and facilitate equitable, value-based healthcare cannot be emphasized enough. Keeping this in mind, FCR introducing Doctorsqueries leading integrated healthcare services, has introduced vernacular language options for its teleconsultation service. This initiative will allow online consultation users to choose a healthcare specialist who can speak in their preferred language.


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