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02 Jul

We regularly receive announcements about latest Google algorithm and updates. These search engines updates always bring an improvised version to have an impact on the digital marketing.

The digital world is becoming more hyped-up through regular changes, and Google is transforming into a more dynamic, informative and influential platform. The continual update by Google aims at improving the content originality, target poor quality links, and sites.

Marketers and people in business are spending lots of time checking and browsing the latest updates and find a way of conducting new marketing strategies.

That is why this article aims at assessing the most critical updates in last two years and tracking the essential digital marketing updates that matter.  Below is the brief discussion of all the updates made by Google in the year 2017 and evaluation of how these implementations changed the digital world. The primary objective of all these updates is to improve the quality of search results, links and promote content originality.

Google Hummingbird Update

Hummingbird is a deciding factor in deciding the ranking of all websites through optimized search results. The 2017 update is made up of hundreds of factors that can have their impact on web rankings and the search results. The most significant modification made in hummingbird is the ability to sharply monitor the mobile marketing, which is highly relevant given the evolution of e-commerce sites and smartphones in the past few years. The latest update is more precise and has been complimented for its fast result.  

These updates are mainly planned with a special focus on extracting the exact meanings of the question phrased rather than just focusing on the individual keyword. The hummingbird software will first look at the complete phrase of the query searched and then provide search results that match the question asked.

Impact- Hummingbird’s 2017 update is likely to have very long-term effect on the web-based searches. The latest update emphasizes the context and meaning of all the search results. Hummingbird doesn’t only rely on the optimized keywords but focuses on answering the primary intent of the searched question. The amendments and modifications in hummingbird are for the better explanation of the problems that are lengthy and indirect. This way Google can answer queries including secret keys phrases that are commonly called the “long-tail” expressions. The primary objective of 2016 update is to make sure the pages don’t only match with only a few words instead show utterly relevant content. Google has done several most significant changes in digital marketing, but hummingbird is one of the most significant and most effective changes

Three months ago, Google announced the latest Hummingbird update which is likely to have its impact on more than 90 % of the searched queries. The newest update of the hummingbird is not a penalty based, but it will work to eliminate the low-quality written works from the search engine results. The main objective is to fulfill user’s actual search queries and display only the information that user is trying to find. So, the contents are given more priority. To surpass this update, your materials must be quality-rich, original and informative instead of being stuffed with keywords.

Google Panda Update

The panda’s latest update has been called as one of the most powerful search result filters that work at filtering and eliminating sites with additional keywords, low-quality content and duplicate phrases.

The 2017 update has been modified in a way that only excellent sites with original materials and genuine information will be able to make their way into the top rankings of search results. The website or links using external or artificial media to increase their search result rankings (violating Google’s terms) will be trashed out of the top rankings.  

The 2017 update of Panda aims at eliminating those websites having poor quality or remove the Plagiarised; fake content created by people trying to copy other’s content. Through regular updates, Google is continuously working to filter such spam contents and refine these algorithms to reduce the spam level. Panda’s latest update aims at finding the duplicated or rephrased contents that are copied from writers who only intend to produce primarily written material without focusing on originality of the contents. Thus, these updates are a way of warning to fake or copied content creators from creating duplicated contents.


Impact- Panda 2017 update can thus catch such sites by striking them out for using links from external sources. The latest update has been running very effectively at filtering sites with low-quality content. The 2017 update will not tolerate scraped contents and only promote new materials.

Google Penguin Update

While Panda is responsible for evaluating the contents posted on the websites, Penguin aims at looking at the links. Google uses inbound links that work to inspect the popularity and ranking of websites in search results. Penguin works to make sure essential links from websites like government, universities, national institutes, and other vital sites show their content correctly.

This way penguin makes the crucial links more optimized and ensures that the materials displayed on these sites appear to be valuable to the viewers. Penguin’s role at providing real and essential elements doesn’t end here as it also penalizes sites with unnatural links and poor-quality web links. From past few years, few contents moderators have been making use of automated systems for generating many backlinks of poor or fake quality; Penguin ensures penalizing such link farms and sites.

Penguin latest versions are valid from October 2016 as it has been receiving regular updates from Google.

Penguin’s 2017 update aims at catching those websites that are just spamming the search results instead of displaying original and informative content that is required. The update will work to decrease the search engine rankings of all such links and websites that violate Google’s guidelines and have materials that are only stuffed with keywords but lack content originality, failing miserably at displaying the information required. The penguin update will catch those sites where contents are posted by using external or artificial means to increasing SEO rankings.

The primary objective of these updates is to penalize website owners who obtain links by using wrong ways or artificial means. Penguin 2017 version will penalize sites that are using manipulative contents to get high ranking in the search results. Several places use external tactics and links to boost the traffics of their website and achieve a good rank. However, now all such tactics and connections will fail miserably because penguin’s 2017 update can catch and penalize all those web links. Sites containing such spammy contents will be recognized immediately and then punished as per Google’s terms.  


Possum- Update 2016

Possum is known as the largest update amidst local search results. The main objective of 2016 update was to restrict web spamming and diversify the local search results.

Possum update has now brought along improved search filter that makes sure that the organic results are separated from the local results. Thus, the latest version of possum deems to deliver more precise result by showing positive search results for local businesses.

The previous version of possum promoted the optimized local businesses to appear in search results other than the real location where the user is browsing from.


Google continually updates its search algorithms to bring apparent modifications in the contents and programming. Considering digital marketing, last two years have witnessed a lot of significant changes. Having introduced plenty of updates, Google has not only enhanced the user experience of search engines but also improved the authority of several websites. Google 2016 and 2017 updates aim at getting rid of duplicate, copied and auto-generated contents. All such changes are likely to have a powerful effect on search engine results and rankings. The primary objective of these updates is to provide support to websites with rich content and filter the duplicate content containing sites.


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