Digital Marketing in Current Scenario

28 May

Digital Marketing in Current Scenario almost been more than 2 months since the lockdown has began, and we all know that almost all the workplace has been shut and there is no activity been performed by these industries. This COVID-19 situation has given tough times for the common people and this has put people to many problems. The rapid growth of this Virus has made the country fall in its economy when all these businesses were shut due to the Corona Virus, the Digital Industry has grown a lot and has been able to make people realize the importance of the Digital Platform.

Digital Marketing has took a new turn within this COVID-19 scenario, and we all came to know the importance of this sector and this has gives a clear picture of our future that how will it be, Yes we are at the beginning of a Digital Evolution, within few years the whole world will go Digital, there will we no more standing in long ques, there will be no need of personal meeting for any business deal, almost everything will be online, as we already growing in the AI sector get through the Digital Platform will be much easier.

This Corona Virus situation will not be vanished from the country very soon, so maintaining Social Distancing will be very important for the Citizens, but while maintaining social distancing it’s also important to do our jobs and business, and going digital is the only way the future will survive and make earning for the living. This COVID-19 has given opportunities for almost all small businesses to take their business online so that the customers can buy their products from an online platform and also maintain social distancing.

Digital Marketing has a lot of widespread opportunity for the newcomers, its very beneficial for people who does E-commerce, they can get their desired targets through this type of Marketing as India is ranked as the 3rd largest population who is on the Internet in a huge number. This growth has tried best to be in contact with the Public. Before this COVID-19 situation most of the people in our country knew about the internet but were unaware of the marketing which could be done with the help of the internet.

This online marketing is promising to bring up more than 20Lakh jobs by the year-end, and due to the Virus that’s been in the air for so long, it made more people aware about this opportunity and the engagement for this job in increasing, as this is a time period where more and more people are getting unemployed and even our Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi also in his live speech told us that India should be now Atmanirbhar as due to this lockdown the economy has fallen a lot, and this will be the right time to get online learn online and do business online.

In this present scenario the current people who are engaged in the digital platform should go for responsible marketing. As this is the best time to grow, the marketers should enhance the level of comfort for the customers. They should be in regular touch to make a solid customer base. COVID-19 or the Novel Corona Virus has shown a lot worse to the nations but also it helped us to be prepared for such pandemic issues in our near future and made us ready to face such challenges, this situation showed us that how can we still run the system and can bring up aur economy being on the internet and this also gave us and showed us the wide opportunities that are waiting for us to grab onto.

This is the time that more and more people will go for or prefer shopping online and spend time online during this lockdown as that is the only thing that a person can do in this lockdown period and so, this is the best opportunity to get your business online and do all the marketing online as this is the time that you will get a lot more engagement and a lot for traffic and audience towards your website of E-Marketing platform, this is the time you can learn about this digital platform and get started with your own venture taking it online. This is the future and if you take this up to you already are with the trend of online marketing and you already have learned a lot during this lockdown or this pandemic and you can survive this COVID-19 situation and can see the opportunity and the benefits of being in the digital world and growing in this scenario. Together we can overcome this PANDEMIC by staying safe and maintaining Social Distancing.


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