7 Golden Marketing Ideas for 2020

04 Jun

Well 2020 has begun, and things are not moving as expected, the world is going through a critical situation by fighting the COVID-19. With the difficulties faced by the common public, the world of marketing and business is also sobbing for help. The marketing campaigns did much better during the previous year as they not only did promote their brand but did much more, but the situations have changed and we need to bring more strategies to for our brand promotion as this Virus has already snapped off a lot of time for any business. So let’s get our hands on the new strategy that are awaiting for us in 2020.

7 Golden Marketing Ideas for 2020:

  1. Upskill with Your CONTENT

Content has been the ruler of marketing since the beginning and its important that the content you create should be understood by your dear customers. In a report form a digital source it was mentioned that Content Marketing was used by 77%  of B2B marketers. Hence these brands should create content that is relevant, authoritative, and that educates its audience.

  1. Imbue in Great Research

Investing in research is an old technique but this is a very important one and is been continued to be used in this present scenario too. While research takes place the new changes, needs, preferences, and behaviors of the market and consumers is understood and in the marketing of product it is necessary to know the market very well, so hence imbuing on original research is a better way for great marketing.

  1. Livestreaming

This is the new trend that the people were engaged in which was in a great rise in 2019 and is still in the game with the same level of dominance. It is a staggering way to market as its completely free, consumes a lot less time and effort, expanding over a wider section of the audience with a lot more better-targeted engagement.

  1. Explain away with Videos

A short video of the product/service is always engaging than a written description, any individual will certainly go for a video output as it is easy to understand and it also remains in the memory for a longer period. Making video content to market the product always makes the win-win situations as it is an attention seeker and it brings up lot of target audiences interested in being part of the business.

  1. Chatbots

This is an engaging technique for marketing both for the existing and the new customers for the business. Chatbots are a 24*7 assistance to those customers who visit the company website for any kind of information or any assistance, by introducing a better chatbot who gathers any source of information or other inputs that a company may need while providing information, or data that will help the user what they are searching for.

  1. Market Emotions-

A consumer will buy any product or service if you are able to make an emotional bond with the product, people don’t go for the product they go for the emotions, hence the marketing should be done targeting the emotional needs of the customer and catch hold of these emotions as this is what matters a product sell, the marketer is able to make the product into an emotion it will be definitely sold, hence marketing on the basis of emotions is really important.

  1. Promotions with Giveaways

Whenever a giveaway is been offered we can see a lot of rush moving towards these giveaways, as these giveaway contests are free and customers with no need of the project are also attracted towards these kinds of a giveaway as these make the audience to try their luck, and in this way the promotion is done with the noise and more and more public comes to know about the existence of the business and successful marketing is carried forward.

These are some of the ideas that will help the business to resume in this COVID-19 Situation and will make it is easy for the business to continue with new ideas and backup plans.


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