08 Mar

Top Digital Marketing Areas as Career Tracks:

The most popular and upcoming marketing career tracks include:

SEO Manager: Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular and sought-after career options for aspiring digital marketers. At the same time, it requires a lot of patience and skill on a day-to-day level, as the output is dependent on regular changes in search engines, keyword rules, rankings etc. key SEO career areas include SEO analyst, SEO Copywriter, keyword strategist, link builder etc..

PPC Executive: Most adjacent to a career in SEO is one in Paid search Marketing which includes career options like Campaign Analyst, Campaign Manager, Account Manager, Copywriter etc. With increasing digital and e-commerce businesses in India, this is one of the most sought-after careers and supporting this recent spurt is a lot of funding money being pumped in through advertising of start-ups and new age internet firms.

Social Media Marketing: with Social media gaining highest prominence among digital marketing techniques with wide applications and integrations across other digital marketing areas, multiple career options have opened up in this crucial area. key profiles include social media analyst, online community manager, apps manager, social media manager etc

Content Manager: Content marketing has lots of interesting positions for digital marketers, key among them being content writers, design and multimedia profiles, art directors, content managers etc

E-commerce Management: with e-commerce on a high growth track globally and especially in India, multiple technology, management, marketing and content related jobs have sprung in last two years like e-commerce payment management, search and display advertising, product marketing, content development.

Display Advertising: They have an option to work with agencies; internet start-ups need strongly display advertising skills. The key roles include account executive, media buying, campaign manager, trafficker, quality assurance executive, programmatic buying manager.

Mobile Marketing: with mobile being the fastest growing platform on the digital side, it is no surprise that multiple job profiles have emerged specifically to mobile marketing in areas of mobile technology, customer management, channel management, data, content, advertising etc Key roles include segment marketing manager, platform marketing, communications manager, local services specialist, mobile  advertising and many more.

It is crucial that career aspirants thoroughly analyze which areas they want to develop their expertise in and build in-depth experience in one of the careers.


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