Top 12 Most Popular Apps in the Shopify App Store

06 Apr
Best shopify apps

Best Apps for Shopify Store

There are numerous Shopify apps pertaining to different needs of yours and your customer. Adding an app to your Shopify store can potentially grow your business in multiple ways. One may get confused where to start from when it comes to installing an app to your Shopify store. Whether you are looking forward to marketing on social media through apps or to enhance user experience. There is a wide range of apps that you may consider adding to your online store in order to stay ahead in the highly competitive online market. Take a look at the apps to give a boost to your existing figures.


Mail botMailing is an important aspect of marketing to keep your customers updated about your new products, discounted prices, product recommendation or any new activity going on your store. Mailbot allows you to automatically deliver the weekly newsletter to your customer and keep them interested in your product. It generates and send personalized emails as per your decided schedule and makes email a hassle-free experience for you.

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Product Review

product review

Before buying anything you would look for someone who is already using or have used that product. Online shopping has made it easy by providing ‘product review’ option to its customers. Review of products has become an essential aspect of their sale. Nowadays most of the people hesitate to buy a product that has no reviews at all. On the other hand, having tons of positive reviews makes a product trustworthy and reliable to customers.  

Free Shipping Bar

Free shipping bar

Shipping charge is questionable in every single purchase. Sometimes it is the delivery charge that decides whether a customer is going to buy a product or not. It’s great if you allow free shipping to your customers. In such case, you may mention it in your store. If you don’t then this app will come very handy to you. It will a lot of time for your customers and will leave them with a rich shopping experience on your store.

Bulk Discounts

Bulk DiscountImage source 

The most interesting way to offer discounts to your customers is to provide them with discount codes. These codes keep the customer curious about how much discount they will receive after applying the codes. The discounted rates are mostly satisfying and make the customers purchase the product. Bulk discounts allow you to create discount codes in large quantities for your customers to use.


after ship shopifyImage source

A global courier support system, ‘Aftership’ handles the responsibility of all the shipping activities. Shipping is a critical part of all e-commerce runners. It keeps the customers updated about the various delivery locations and its progression. The store owners get the service of auto tracking through Aftership. Being useful for both customers and sellers makes it one of the most convenient apps for your Shopify store.

Better Coupon

Better Coupon

Want to see a hike in your email subscribers along with Facebook and Twitter follower? The best way is by installing ‘Better Coupon’. Its popularity has attracted around 30,000 Shopify stores to utilize this app. Whenever visitors follow any of your social media accounts or subscribe to your newsletter, they are offered with a discount coupon on the site. Again this app also comes under those that makes you as well as your customers happy.



It is stressful to share all your products separately on each social media platform. Nor does it only requires a lot of time but is also a repetitive process. Outfy will make the job easy for you, it gives you access to 10 social media platform in one go. It also allows you to preplan your all-day activities on social media websites. Outfy makes it extremely convenient for you to build an effective online presence on each social media platform.  



if you are searching for a business though, or you need an item to offer, Oberlo can help you. With Oberlo, you can look through a commercial center of items that you can import specifically into your Shopify store. When you get a request, Oberlo will deliver the item specifically to your clients. There is no requirement for you to stress over bundling or dispatching.


mail chimp for shopify

MailChimp for Shopify enables you to incorporate your MailChimp account with your Shopify store. With MailChimp for Shopify you can consequently add your clients to MailChimp, target email crusades in light of purchasing conduct, and effortlessly advance your store with email promoting.

Facebook Store

facebook store

Facebook Store lets you feature and offer items specifically on your Facebook Page. Clients can impart their most loved items to their companions and you can achieve more clients and drive more movement to your store.

eBay Importer


The eBay Importer is an application that will duplicate your eBay inventory into your Shopify store. It bolsters dynamic, booked, and unsold items, and handles item pictures, varieties, and classifications consequently.

Social Media Stream

Social media stream

With Social Media Stream, you would showcase be able to your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Youtube, Pinterest and Tumblr on one page. This can enable you to increase online networking devotees and lessen the measure of time you spend on inserting pictures and posts.

Now having the best recommendations you have the choice to start with the apps that you find the most obliging. Enhance your Shopify business and widen your target audience. Hope you find it useful.


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