13 Oct

FCR Group Ltd provides web design services in central London. The strategy put forward by FCR Group in Central London was to create unique copy for these listings, tying in with Google’s best practice guidelines.FCR is one of the world’s leading SEO Company. We are managing the most respected brands. FCR Groups delivers the best choice of content, combined with the best technology in the best environment.
What makes us different?

 Our team is made up of industry-recognized experts
 We take a collaborative, interdepartmental approach to search marketing
 We invest in industry-leading tools and software

Google has over 300 signals that it actively uses to assess the quality of your web presence. As such, it is however important to ensure that your SEO strategy is diverse and doesn’t rely on one or two tactics to manipulate your search visibility. We use the combined expertise of our teams to develop a strategy that aims to maximize accessibility, popularity and engagement.

We combine technical solution and creative thinking to prioritize key actions so that we can deliver results quickly. All the strategies we designed are to provide you with search visibility that will last, ensuring you don’t fall victim to the next algorithm update or penalty roll-out.
We have a fantastic reputation within the competitive search industry and have a track record of delivering award winning results, even in highly competitive industries. Results are mostly driven by our expertise, with each member of the team empowered and challenged to become an expert in their chosen discipline.
We also take advantage of insights of industry-leading technology, developed internally by our Product Development team, which gives us transparent performance reporting, insights into market share and an ability to spot algorithm changes faster than any other software on the open market.

Listings in advance to build SEO authority prior to interaction design– Include search terms within the copy to target long-tail keywords as well as short-tail
– Ensure your content is as descriptive as possible to cater for different user intents
– Rewrite and rework descriptions to avoid any duplicate content issues from Google’s Panda algorithm
– Extend length of each listing to avoid thin content issues


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