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18 Mar



There are a lot of comment extensions in joomla extension directly mostly joomla lacks the ability for the visitors to comment on the posts you make.

The extension directly itself has two categories

  • Article comments
  • Social comments

Usually under article comments there are components and plug-in that provide comment functionality in joomla extension provide commenting capabilities with third party websites.

Article Comments:

At present there are many commercial extensions that one has to pay and rest others are free.

JComments and Komento are the free top rated extension of comments.

Social Comments :

The outside functionalities like twitter, intense Debate, Disqus and facebook belongs to social comments. It also provides facilities to add comments in multiple ways.

Some of the extension like so comments, a free plugin that is in compatible with joomla and all the users can leave their comments through comments, facebook, Disques.

Joomla lacks in providing the display of the author information within articles.

By default, users can show their authors name this will be built in word press, but it depends on the theme.

So there is another capability called author info box. It is free in which users can display their name, email, description of the author. So far this plugin has received good reviews.

Final piece – Social Sharing :

To setup a successful blog is allowing the users in social sharing, so that it easily allows your articles through any social media and is a final piece that even media and is a final piece that even word press lacks.

Facebook, Google plus and Twitter uses these extension in the JED.

The social channels can thus share your articles and make in it popular.

Joomla-K2 Extensions:

If you are willing to convert joomla into a blog without the installation of any plugins on extensions, then there is an option blog category, where one can use all the commercial extensions which will cost you money to use (on purchase) and install.

The best ones are among all in one for blogging in joomla is K2, which is free and gives a complete control even joomla contents and it is extensionally powerful in content construction like tags, user pages and item images, image that all in discussed in this post.

But it lacks intensive time to get involved in the construction and configuration K2 is definitely worth, if however you are looking more of publishing in your site and it gives worth of flexibility. However you have a lot more great extension to turn your


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