Mobile Application and Benchmarking Mobile Apps

23 Sep

What does it take to build an app that is successful in today’s app market? Proper functionality of the app is just the beginning. This means that competition for users attention is heavy. It is important for application developers to conduct a research in order to provide value and solve exceptionally well for their users before beginning.

There is continued growth in Companies in Mobile app development in today’s dynamic market. It is aware that companies are surpassed by the number of mobile-only internet users overtaken desktop usage because mobile apps are the users constant preferences.

Optimizing the title of the App, adding a description, adding a description and other features that can best control the app are the few things to be conceived before that app hits the stores.
It is the technology that has become a vital part of our life. The World is in the palm of our hands from messaging to booking tickets to banking apps. The SEO is new idea to crosscheck the success of apps.
It is very important to set your app page in the best way so that is is regardless of app store query results, no matter how efficient you are.

You need to pay attention to the name so that it is catchy with correct meta data. The first thing users see is the title or name of the app, along with the Icon. Try to feed one or 4 keywords into the title.

Always write relevant keywords and useful meta data and title. Don’t stuff keywords unnecessarily, because the users may start thinking as Spam. Description is one field that has to be considered and it matters into account, and it is useful for marketing. It should be informative and the explanation of app and how it works. It must be easy to read describing different aspects of the app with latest updates. Short, crisp statements with the call to actions are suggested.

The truth is that the app stores are oversaturated with the same apps. Successful apps like Uber and Airbnb both have a strong value proposition.

Competitive research will in order help you to reveal your competition’s strengths and weaknesses and define your own competitive advantage. Building any products that offers the same features and resembles as your competition’s won’t help you win over many users. The first step you need to consider is unique value proposition to optimize user loyalty and overall business success.


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