10 shopify’s top sellers

18 Jun
Top 10 shopify website

Technological terms, the internet always is in its first place to start or stop up the culture of shopping. E-commerce platforms are now playing major roles in the lives of people and handling their daily routine things with an ease, whether we talk about personal care, home essentials, fashion apparels or we go deep into any category. Websites like E-bay, Myntra, Amazon has taken online shopping to another level.  

Therefore, it has been proved that Shopify websites are the new trend and it is very important to know that who are the top sellers on the Shopify website as the website itself has generated a good amount of goodwill, not only shopping many people tend to extract the styling from the Shopify.E-commerce generally generates 17-20% of the profit in any economy and it is not enough to have only one kind of product on the site, that will again give a negative effect on the popularity front.

If you are new to e-commerce things or giving a thought of starting an e-commerce portal you really need to acquire the basic things/ rules but apart from that, you need to know your top competitors. The basic point you need to remember is that one should amplify and acquire the law of pure content on the website to grab the best so practice and content marketing. Let us look on to the top Shopify stores.


  1. UgMonk

Jeff Sheldon, the CEO of UgMonk starts content in his about us section with a very simple and straight question, “Why is it too difficult to find everything fresh online”? UgMonk website is filled with latest trends of handbags, wallets, fashion apparels. accessories for both men and women. His Shopify website is simple and has the fresh content all over the web pages, well that is marketing!

  1. Pipcorn

What does comes to your mind when you first hear the word pipcorn, “Is this healthy?” Popcorn has the base slogan written on their website, “Our pipcorn won’t spoil your teeth like other generic stuff. The about us of Popcorn website says that they are best and tastiest of all. Pipcorn holds the second position in the Shopify websites.

  1. Happiness Abscissa

Happiness Apscissa has the logo of Ha, which is written in an upwards-downwards way which gradually attracts the customer’s attention. Most of the Shopify website that we will be mentioning here are straight and simple buy Happiness Abscissa is unique, it also mentions products in a very different from even products hanging in different angles. The website shows a playful side and we have this sense that they don’t take themselves too seriously but this playful way has made them on the third count of Shopify website.  

  1. Bio Lite

Products on the main web page of Bio Lite are enough to make me buy things from here. Bio Lite’s main motive is to provide products of humanitarianism which are affordable yet tasty. Though the website talks about food this is the probability that Bio Lite is one of the trendiest websites on Shopify website.

  1. Taylor Stitch

Who does not want to wear the softest cloth? Well, this is the reason that Taylor Stitch is being counted in best Shopify websites. The tagline says ” Three simple ingredients with one extraordinary fabric” says it all. Taylor Stitch covers up categories like fashion apparels, shoes, accessories, etc.

  1. HELM boots

Boots and what not? Boots are the style statement! The website looks genuine and simple and covers all types of boots. They have an amazing collection and that is why we are talking about HELM boots. The content, as well as the layout of the website, has the potential to converts viewers into buyers.  

  1. Luca and Dani

There is something addictive about e-commerce store, it will make you scroll each and everything. The home page of Luca and Dani is highly interactive, as you scroll down the images get wider and smaller. They do not deal with the fashion clothing but only with accessories like jewelry, wrist watches, stoles, footwear, etc.

  1. Great George Watches

As the name says GGW is rich in watches. Great Goerge watches have a number of the collection with an amazing level of quality. By being into Shopify website,  the website has proved the part from which they have picked themselves up t the sky where there is no limit. The most adorable feature of this website is they don’t have colored watches but only black and white photographs.

  1. Whipping Post

Whipping Post won Shopify best design award. The website has a wide collection of handbags, footwear, travel bags, backpacks, etc. The website holds the content in a very innovative way so that customers can easily be a part and look for the product in most designed manner!

  1. Little Sparrow Tea

Little Sparrow Tea started its business from London with a small tea stall. The idea of the website is to provide tea and tea bags in every form. They offer selected number of tea like white, herbal, black and green tea. The Shopify blog has this website included in the point because people choose health on the upfront.

These were the best of 10 Shopify top sellers which somewhere or the other have won customers, heart. The best in designs, the best in the collection, the best in styling and what not.


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